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With a life steeped in music and performance, Kiirstin Marilyn isn't just at home on the stage - she was born to it. After a childhood focused on theater culminating with a B.A. in acting and an extended role in a nationally touring Broadway revival of Cabaret, Kiirstin joined progressive rock band Ground To Machine. Inspired by GTM’s many success in 2 short years and looking to grow as an artist, Kiirstin left GTM to form Verity In Stereo. VIS opened for the finale of MTV's Too Fast For Love Tour, were nominated for the 2011 Best Avant-Garde Asbury Music Award (Kiirstin nominated for Best Female Vocalist), and named RAW:NYC's Band of the Year for 2011. Kiirstin closed a year of great achievement by enlisting the producing talents of Brian Deneeve (The Wanted guitarist) and Todd Weinstock (Glassjaw) for her solo project, an intensely personal venture that defies the notion of genre boundaries. Kiirstin has crafted a sound as eclectic and remarkable as the woman herself.