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Kirk's new album, Only Love, releases December 2012. “We’re putting legs on good music and good writing again. I think we are bringing a timeless quality back to popular music for our generation because right now our generation is swimming in a sea of music that goes by the wind. ” – Kirk Thurmond Kirk Thurmond wants to take you on a ride to remind you why music means so much to people. He wants to give you music, that years from now, will still mean something to you. It captures you as you hear it and does not let go. For Kirk, music has always been life giving. Singing a cappella in church as a child, he developed a sensitive ear. He and his brothers learned about tight harmony from his father, and his mother introduced him to the soul giants of the 60’s and 70’s. At age 12, Kirk borrowed a friend’s guitar for a weekend, but returned it a year later. He’s since gone on to share the stage with the likes of Ernie Halter, Green River Ordinance, Mint Condition, and more.