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The Thousand Springs Sampler features two tracks from Korby Lenker's forthcoming album Thousand Springs (out on Soundly Music July 14), plus unreleased versions of songs on and inspired by the album.

Thousand Springs was recorded in Idaho, outside, in several places meaningful to Korby as a child. After running a successful Kickstarter campaign, Korby drove out from Nashville with a car full of recording equipment and a battery made for mountain climbing expeditions, and recorded the guitars and vocals in various locations important to his childhood. Said Korby, "I wanted to put the whitewater and sagebrush on it." He recorded during the day and slept in a tent at night. The songs that came to be Thousand Springs found there start on the edge of the Snake River Canyon, on Craters of the Moon National Monument, in a cabin north of Sun Valley, even at his dad's old mortuary.

After sketching the outlines of the album in Idaho, Korby spent the next six months on the road, recording in backyards and hotel rooms, in Portland, Seattle Los Angeles, Austin, Madison, Boston, and finally Nashville. Thousand Springs features more than 30 artists in the young Folk and Americana scene, including Molly Tuttle, Anthony Da Costa, Nora Jane Struthers, Caroline Spence, Angel Snow, Critter Eldridge of the Punch Brothers, Kai Welch, Becky Warren, Robby Hecht, Anna Tivel, Carrie Elkin, Matt the Electrician, Alex Wong, Megan Slankard and many others.

Thousand Springs was signed to Soundly Music and will be available everywhere you listen to music July 14, 2017.