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LaPeer is an alternative singer/songwriter from Michigan. His new record '90s Kids debuted in the Top 15 singer/songwriter albums on iTunes and is now available everywhere including the singles "California" and "One Last Summer." The album features moments of pure new wave bliss while at times harkening back to rock, grunge and other '90s influences. LaPeer has always been an exploration in rhythm, vocal, and melody. "Our drum and vocal sound's malleability has given us a lot of freedom to push the limits of genre,” says LaPeer of “90s Kids. “For several songs on this new record, we wanted to experiment by mixing synths and roto toms in with different sounds in order to link them together." Over the past year, LaPeer has toured with Grammy-nominated artist Gungor, John Mark McMillan, Kings Kaleidoscope and Propaganda. "Heart Haunting" off his previous EP can be heard streaming in Starbucks locations worldwide.