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Hope this song blesses you and reminds you of what HE's done for us and encourages you to live in the Hope and Joy that we have because HE loves us. Enjoy and feel free to share cause theres more music on the way;)


on the mountain and in the valley

in the good and in the bad

in the sun light and in the shadows

i will sing of your goodness

i will sing of your greatness

in the peace and in the quit

when I’m weak and when i feel strong

in the pressure and in the battle

i will sing of your greatness

i will sing of all you’ve done for me

There was never one second that you left me

When I was offended you still loved me

Before you laid the foundations you chose me

And even in my weakness you are strong

When I laid in death you raised me up into your life

You gave purpose to the broken pieces

You brought me out of the darkness back into your light

When I was lost you brought me home

Thank you for all you’ve done

Thank you for all you do

Thank you for who you are

Thank you for loving me