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When it comes to your home and garden, you don’t want to take any chances. Having workers on your property can be unnerving, and it’s important to know you are dealing with people whom you can trust. For residents of Capitola, CA, you can call on the trustworthy services of Lewis Tree Service Inc. A Capitola-based business since 1984, Lewis is a family-owned and operated company who guarantee the best and most thorough tree care, tree maintenance, and removal services. We also provide aerial crane services for a variety of tasks, as well as hauling of debris and even dumpster rental. Lewis Tree Service Inc. employs fully-trained, trustworthy professionals to handle your tree care needs. So don’t be taken in by a fly-by-night company. Call us at 831-508-8995 to discuss tree care, crane, and hauling options today. Lewis Tree Services will take care of YOUR trees! Lewis Tree Service

1500 Brommer Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95062