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Not long after Brandy Tudor began writing songs and recording demos with only a Shure SM58 and a Gibson acoustic, he recruited the help of fellow musician, Joseph Copeland. The initial partnership started with the intent to layer on electric guitar textures and obtain backup at small gigs, but the collaboration quickly took on a life of its own. A diverse love of music between the two friends formed a voice that demanded its own identity. In September of 2011, one month before they were to record their first album, the name ‘Little Legend’ was established, and the songs that developed evolved into shameless rock ‘n’ roll with touches of blues, 1960s pop, and a few shots of Southern whiskey. With the help of a drum and bass section, Dan Jin and Robbie Schiller, they are currently performing shows in U.S. to promote their self-titled and self-released E.P. out April 24th 2012.