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Liv Free has enough energy to power a small fleet of motorcycles. It’s a fuel that burns full throttle, ignited by the heat of her sultry voice and the power and passion of her performance. Cosign describes her as a seductive songstress, while 97.9 The Beat radio personality J.Kruz peggs Liv as “...very out in the streets. Not too prissy or too pretty.” But the question still remains, who is Liv Free? Is she the sultry yet innocent siren that she outwardly appears to be? Or is she the feisty firecracker that everyone warned you about? The compelling truth is, Liv Free is everything you think she is and much more than you think she’s not. More simply put, Liv’s fans proclaim her to be “...the girl you can take to your momma’s house, the strip club, the art museum, wherever…” And that doesn’t even begin to explain what happens the moment she opens her mouth and sings.

Hailing from the infamous Oak Cliff, Texas, Liv was born into the first family of the Straightway Pentecostal Cathedral Church of God in Christ right on the corner of Polk and Reynoldston. She was highly influenced by music being a shy yet active member of the church choir as well as insisting that her mother place her in classical piano lessons at the mere age of 6 years old. In conjunction with her deep rooted gospel and classical influences, Liv also grew up a radio baby during the golden era of music, better known as the 90's era. Those initial inspirations were what allows her sound to resonate with the depth of classic Neo Soul and reminiscent feel of 90's R&B. After a lot of soul searching and Joyce Meyer's videos, Liv decided to step out on faith and pursue her aspiration of becoming an “international supastar”, as she likes to put it. In 2015 Liv released a series of singles and controversial music videos that garnered attention throughout the Dallas music scene. Popular Dallas blogger, Moclassified, described Liv as a very versatile artist “with the ability to soothe listeners with her therapeutic voice over melodic tunes or even dish out a ladies anthem…” But it was Liv’s single 1Hunnid that would land her a placement on the soundtrack of a major film. Unbeknownst to her, someone slipped the music director of the Carter High Movie soundtrack an advance copy of 1Hunnid. The moment he heard Liv’s strikingly harmonious vocals on top of the symphonic, marching band-like production, he knew he had to have it on the soundtrack. 1Hunnid possessed the gritty rawness portrayed in the film and the fact that the movie was based in her hometown made it even more undeniable. The song was indeed a huge accomplishment for an artist that was still in the premature stages of her career, receiving great reviews and even radio airplay.

, In more current news, Liv is spending most of her time these days focused on creating better quality and pinpointing a distinctive sound that is true to the potential and pizazz that she so obviously embodies. “While I’m not completely

dismissing the business side of things, the people that I inspire are the most important part of my artistry. Not the trends, not what’s hot, but my fans. I typically write simple songs about complex things; love, family, home, heartbreak. And that’s cool. I think the difference now is that I’m just writing from a perspective of distances and interludes between believers and lives and the roads that lead from small hoods to big cities.”