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Far beyond the sweetest things we can experience this wonderful time of year, we believe Jesus surpasses them all! We hope this song might bless you and yours this Christmas...

  • More gentle than snow on my cheek
  • Or a kiss beneath mistletoe's leaf

Your love surrounds, it never runs out

  • Stronger than well-wishing peace
  • In the music that carolers sing

Your hope allows that peace to come now

  • Jesus, You're greater than Christmas
  • No light shines like the Light of the world
  • We sing of the gift of our Savior

Nothing compares to the joy we find in You

  • More brilliant than white winter scenes
  • Sprinkled with red and with green

I'm covered by grace since You took my place

  • So much richer than gifts dressed in gold
  • Or laughter from stories that never grow old

My heart will hold and treasure my Lord

  • Just like the angels, all of creation
  • And every wise man kneels before You
  • In every season and after this lifetime

We'll sing Your name and hallelujah

LORD & LADY is an acoustic-based songwriting duo from Los Angeles, combining the talents of Scott Oatley and Rachel Panchal. Each an excellent artist in their own right, Scott and Rachel come together to create a harmonious and haunting sound, distinct from their solo pursuits.

Their debut single, "A Little Longer", won Best Group/Duo for the International Acoustic Music Awards and was a semi-finalist for the International Songwriting Competition. Their music has also had feature spotlights on such platforms as NoiseTrade and Wix Music.

Both Scott and Rachel are also working vocalists whose combined credits include Glee, High School Musical, Pitch Perfect, La La Land, SING, Rogue One, Jurassic World, Maroon 5, among many others.

Lord & Lady are an unsigned, independent band.