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Growing up in a musically influenced home sounds easy enough to deal with, right? Well, when you have parents with two opposing musical interests, things can become rather complicated. This situation, while not uncommon, describes the humble beginnings of Loso in his Jackson, Tennessee hometown. The musicality of his home was an eclectic mix of musical styles streaming from both parents. At times, his home almost resembled musical battlefield with harmonious sounds of groups like the O’Jays simultaneously playing against new jack artists like Color Me Badd. Add a sprinkling of pop classics from Madonna and a dash of blues, Bobby Womack style, and you get the creative musicologist that Loso is today. As time progressed and music evolved, the favorites of Loso followed suit. With West Tennessee favorites such as the infamous 3-6 (triple-six) Mafia, Playa Fly, and Gangsta Blac now on the playlist, sometime would pass before his love for Rhythm and Blues (R&B) was rediscovered. This almost renaissance-type of love for R&B was fostered by the ear shocking and heart healing sounds of Aaliyah’s hit single “One in a Million.” With production nods to creative icons like Timbaland and Missy Elliot, Aaliyah’s sophomore album became pivotal in his musical development and his ultimate embracement of varying musical styles. As new waves of R&B appeared, Loso’s musical rolodex expanded with creative works like those of Pharrell Williams being added to his musical rotation. This constant evolution in music prompted Loso to explore a wider range of genres such as Pop, Rock, Alternative, Indie and Neo-soul. In essence, Loso returned back to his roots becoming the homogenous mixture of influences and creativity that shine through all his endeavors. Nirvana, Loso’s most recent brainchild, is a unique comprehensive blend of today’s most celebrated sounds performed by an array of independent artists from across America.