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"This eponymous album ranks among the most auspicious debuts I’ve heard so far this year." —Jeff Burger, No Depression, August 2015"I’d tell Chris Toppin to move to Nashville and make a million bucks penning tunes for country starlets, but I’m too selfish — I want her songs and voice here in Boston. Not even Miranda Lambert would know what to do with such a scorching murder ballad (rave up?) as Love Love’s “Murderpedia.” With fellow singer and songwriter Jefferson Davis, Toppin mines rootsy rock ’n’ roll (from Nashville to Neil Young) on Love Love’s EP, out now. When not doing homicide centered songs, the pair and their backing band twang, pick and power chord their way through six strong tracks. Both have serious writing chops (as fans of past projects Ex-Girlfriends and Fuzzy know), but it’s when they tag team vocals that the EP shines brightest — spin “Maryland” first. —Jed Gottlieb, The Boston Globe, September 2014"Sometimes Chris Toppin starts singing, and I disappear down the rabbit hole with her voice. She can whiskey rasp through an Americana ballad or fly her vocals high and pretty over a big brass section. To my delight, she does both on Love Love’s eponymous debut LP. “Love Love” marks the return of Toppin after a too-long, post-Fuzzy hiatus. She’s back with that voice and some ace tunes — murder ballad “Murderpedia,” classic country gem “Lost Battle.” But let’s not forget herLove Love partner, singer and crack songwriter Jefferson Davis Riordan. When the pair tag-team a sweet melody (such as “Big Backyard Moon” or “Winter Changes Everything”), the results are astounding." —Jed Gottlieb, May 2015 "They have the ability to transport you to a time before Twitter, Facebook, and the five second attention span—when you would just put an album on your record player and listen to the whole thing, a few times around." —Scott, 50thirdand3rd“...stick in the sweet spot where twangy heartache and intelligent pop co-mingle.” —Noah Schaffer, The Arts Fuse "It starts off simply enough with a basic guitar/bass/drums mix, and then slowly becomes more lush as extra instruments get added. It's an ideal blend of the mid 90s Boston scene and the contemporary country/folk revival." —If It's Too Loud..."Boston band with JP ties, is debuting the video for their song “I Like You Weird” here on Jamaica Plain News. The tune’s a candidate for neighborhood anthem." —Chris Helms, Jamaica Plain News"When an album is so rich in its delivery that you cannot help but fall in love with it on your first listen and then throw the day completely out of the window as you go through each track several times and discussing with anyone that will listen about the finer aspects of the story-telling and narrative structure that would put many novels to shame. " —Ian D. Hall, Liverpool Sound and Vision"Big Backyard Moon" is pretty and I love it, but when the song kicks in, it gets even better, with a good country rock vibe. This is a song to make you feel good. And then suddenly the horns come in, taking the song up another notch. This is a wonderful song." —Michael Doherty's Music Log"Reconstructed 90s Boston alt.crew comes back with the sound and fury of the time is in tact, even if tempered in to a folk rock kind of power chord Americana." —Midwest Record"I was intensely curious on listening to the band's sound and finding things to marvel over that will hopefully lead to a lasting impression of the group." —Music Box Pete"Love Love is the sound of two extremely talented singer-songwriters, joining together in life and music, to create songs that bring out the best in both artists. The set focused largely on the new release and the chemistry between bandmates was evident right from the start." —Ryan Doyon, Music Savage“This release is truly sui generis (unique). Highly recommended.” —Francis DiMenno, The Noise"LOVE LOVE is a terrific introduction to the vast talents of Chris Toppin. She has that instantly trustworthy voice that seems to deliver nothing but truisms that speak directly to the soul. Along with equally talented singer and songwriter Jefferson Davis Riordan, she swaps the vocals and points of view. It is a dream tag-team duo. —Greg Victor, Parcbench. “Love Love makes a bold statement with folksy rock melodies, husky vocals and intricate storytelling. Their greatest strength lies in their songwriting.” —Kate Dennis-Skillings, Performer Magazine"I tend to base my reviews on albums on whether or not I feel the need to skip any songs, if it caused any foot tapping/head nodding/general body response, and if I absolutely fell in love with it and wanted to play it on repeat. I most definitely did not skip any of the songs and was jamming out at my desk the entire time." —Audra Elizabeth Yenny, Red Dirt Report"Singer-songwriters Chris Toppin and Jefferson Davis Riordan have established their credentials in various bands over the years. Perhaps that’s why their debut sounds so potent and fully-formed." —Mayer Danzig, Twangville