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Major Player is the creation of songwriter and instrumentalist Jeffrey York. A native-born Upstate New Yorker, York has spent years writing in the indie rock vein, with influences that span from Experimental to Pop and R&B. Building on the success of previous projects such as the rock outfit Animal Pants, Major Player is rooted in Indie Rock, Soul and Hip Hop idioms.

Major Player found its footing in the early collaborations of Jeff York and drummer Liz Strodel. What began as an experiment in hip-hop beat-making quickly transformed into an indie project rooted in the art of sampling.

Major Player is deliberate in its simplicity, intentionally lo-fi and moody. The tonality of these songs call up something dream like and familiar, making use of repetition and overlapping layers that build on one another, leading the listener through climactic points within each song.

There is a kind of anticipation and patient building that takes place within each song. As the content unravels in the absence of a changing chord structure, the effect is to becomes immersed in the overlapping rhythmic elements and hypnotic groove.

With lyrics that explore the shadowy faces of love and age, Major Player maintains a pop driven focus, while delivering dark creative melodies and catchy vocal hooks.