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Beautifully nested in a blanket of etherial groove, Major Player is a dark, spiritual and unworldly interpretation of popular song. Created by Syracuse NY artist Jeffrey York with the intention to infuse 90's Trip-hop with infectious melody and thoughtful lyricism. The debut album "Extended Play" is intentionally Lo-fi, alluring and spiritually uplifting.

With qualities that remind one of Beck, Radiohead and Portishead, Major Player has an ability to strike chords with deceptive simplicity, tapping into the roots of the human emotion with floating lyrics and a thick groove.

These songs manage to speak universally and further add to the music's already introspective nature. "Static Noise” warns of the malaise from complacency and idle hands, while “Slow Divorce” mourns the return to an estranged, reluctant love affair. “Hailey” builds an archetypal femme fatale character both attractive and dangerous you can see as clearly as you hear the organ riff repeating in the background. The album breathes with a certain sobering somber, but even in the saddest words there is a sense of hope that hangs on the end of every chord.