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I grew up with a musical background and musicians on both sides of my family. My parents tell me that before I could even walk I would sit in the floor and try to play guitar. My dad taught me guitar chords when I was around six or seven. I played in a few rock bands through high school with the yearly talent show being our biggest gig.After high school I spent about four years in a rock/country band in local bars and clubs. I have written songs for most of my life as well.

At some point I realized that the bar scene was not for me. I continued writing and singing in various local churches and for youth events. I even recorded some original songs and sold a few copies, probably gave away more than I sold. I am also involved with a prison ministry where I visit, sing some songs, share a little about my life, and then send them a CD of songs to their home address. Although I do not spend as much time as I used to with the prison ministry so I can stay at home with the kids more often. As they get older, I will try to do more there. We also got involved with foster care for a period of time. We had some great kids come in and out of our lives. I was even inspired to write some songs, an entire CD dedicated to kids, foster care, and adoption. While we are still a huge supporter of foster care, we have taken some time away from that to focus on our kids.