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Hello. Welcome to my Free Music Artist Page. I appreciate your interest in my music. Be sure to download my albums and Tip! This music is devoted to #McKayla It is quality music so be sure to Tip and Spread the word. I am a House Producer and Live Performance DJ, DJing my own songs. I currently live in Maryland but was born in Los Angeles, California. My music ranges from Minimal House to Progressive Trance. I focus on melody and bass because those are very important for the emotions that I like to bring out from the heart to your ears. :) I also love the drums. I try to be creative obviously but give each drum track a special feel. If you like what you hear which I'm sure you will, be sure to check out my albums on iTunes and Spotify! Albums like McKayla, The Aroma of Space, Emca, HouseParty 808, and Imperium. Thank you for listening and God Bless!