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When the year 2016 was still young 2 frustrated minds, unknown to each other at the time, were separately working on an identical plan to create new life. New life in the form of a rocking band playing great sounding songs.

After weeks of searching without success Neil placed an advert calling for help in making this dream a reality. Joe promptly responded and a great partnership was formed. With Joe twanging the steels and Neil thumping the tubs they worked hard on their creation. Many hours were spent analysing test results and tweaking formulas and this eventually led to the creation we now call Mesonical. When the time came for this new life to venture out into the world and perform in front of the public the reactions were positive and welcoming.

The decision was then made to release Mesonical to the public in the form of the single ‘Honey Trap’ in June 2017.

With reactions remaining favourable and Mesonical continuing to evolve there will be more public performances and releases in the future.