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Lyrics: I saw a movie last night about a lucky man who never murdered anyone his name is now forgotten (to everyone everywhere) in fact I am not even sure (why his story is told) but after all, his life is fascinating and eternal I drove home in the rain, the windshield wipers slapping out the names of the people in the cars with the on-coming headlights struck by the storm blown by the wind and frozen to the bone like a bullet to my brain it's a head on collision it's just a matter of time there's big blue house where I keep my reward locked behind a big red door with my wife and child with my comfort and joy someday soon I will return SET ME FREE!!! as for now I am floating high above the highest mountains far beyond the distant sea and when I fall I hope that I land inside of a dream and if I am dreaming I hope I can share this dream with you I am floating high above and far away wake up wake up it's a beautiful day now the sun is rising and I’m on my way I hear my momma say “don't be late today” everybody’s waiting in the car and their honking because they're ready to ride around there's someone on the phone and they won't leave me alone just tell them that I’m out of town I don't wanna work I just wanna play today wake up wake up it's a glorious day the sun is smiling with a golden ray I hear my daddy say “SON, take your time today...” ...wake up wake up such a marvelous day now the sun is shining not a hint of gray I heard somebody say lets be on our way everything's ok it's gonna be a great day it's over it's all over like it never was like it slipped away like it drifted by like a love that's lost and is never found ...wake up... something telling me that this is not a dream I’m just an ordinary man I try to do the best I can but everything I try to do just falls to pieces what am I supposed to say who am I supposed to be where am I supposed to go right now I’m desperate I wanna be infamous a part of history I’m standing at the crossroads marking time waiting for you I don't want to move ahead until we're together I’ll go any where with you (take me home) I want love it all comes down to this it's a little bit funny when you think about it we traveled far but we ended up where we started when the story is over it's a little bit funny when you think about it