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SNCRLY all lyrics by MILA JAM

What if,if I tryLive, live like I'll fly.

See right thru the night

Letting go this doubt inside

Can't keep,keep me bound

no more backing down

This heart beats loud like yours, mine, his, hers, ours

Just take a breathe, Ain't no make or break, You got this, It used to seem all the dreams u had were wishes. History repeats, but u got to make some changes. Can't win Win winFaking

Write the letter...SNCRLY

Like a letter to myself Not a cry for help Just a little reminder Oh Take on every step Live it no Regrets Put it in a messageYeahThrow the bottle In the ocean Out to sea Just believe U can have it If U want it Tell the story


What's just for u, u is waitingBreathe stretch shake, shake I'm sayin Give a little take a little Give a little moreThis heart beats like yours, mine, his, hers, ours

Just take a breath.....