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“To me this isn’t just a collection of songs,” Peter Himmelman says. “It’s more like a theatrical experience.” Himmelman is explaining Are You There, the first album released under the collective moniker Minnesota, out on November 6. The band was conceived as a collaboration between Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Himmelman, who was hailed by USA Today as “one of Rock’s most wildly imaginative performers,” and accomplished filmmaker David Hollander, who is best known for creating the TV series The Guardian and directing independent films like Personal Effects. Yet the two did have common ground to work from: Himmelman is no stranger to the moving image, having received an Emmy nomination for his scoring work onJudging Amy while Hollander’s storytelling instincts, honed from years of television and film work, bring a fresh perspective to Himmelman’s music.   These tracks, taken from the album, are cinematic in ambition yet defiantly frayed in execution with boldly raw performances.