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All donations received by Mullink & Vrazel for this record will go to support the Ezekiel Home ministry of the Kiehl family mission.

A message from the Kiehl family:

"In the foothills of the Andes Mountains in Peru, located in a small pueblo known as Pucacaca, you will find the Kiehl family mission base. Not long ago, we would never have imagined living here in South America. But on September 8, 2014, our lives were changed forever, and God opened our eyes to the world that He sees. Our youngest son at the time, 18-months-old Ezekiel, died in a tragic accident while we were living in missions in Villa de Juarez, Coahuila, Mexico. Before Ezekiel died, we were going to little villages every day, telling people about God's goodness, that He loves each of us, that He came to save us, and that he has a plan for each of us. After Ezekiel's death, God revealed to us in a profound way the truth of what we had been proclaiming. We were reminded of just how precious each and every life is. We were shown that even the smallest people, the shortest lives, mean so much and that they also are created for a reason. In the midst of our heartache, in the midst of carrying our cross, we found Jesus! We found His strength and His love and a renewed desire to share it.

"With this in mind, we entered our latest mission with a new vision for the future. Our mission base here in Peru is surrounded by many broken homes. Situations vary by household, but these broken families share one common link: children without guidance, without faith, and without much hope for the future. Our hearts went out to these children as we looked for ways to help them. And thus, the Ezekiel Home, or Hogar Ezequiel, was born. Every day of the week, we offer classes and activities for the children in our home. The classes include Bible studies, English, guitar, choir, drawing, exercise, and more! During our time with the children, we try to teach them not only useful, fun skills but instill in them that they are beautifully and wonderfully made - that just as our little 18-month-old was able to change the lives of many, so can they - that God loves them and we do too! We pray that God will enable us to be His hands and feet for these children and their families. Thank you for helping us participate in God's amazing plan!"

In Jesus,

Jonathan and Teresa Kiehl

See more about the Kiehl family mission and Ezekiel Home in the video above, or read more about it at or at the Family Missions Company website,