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The guitar/drum duo of Doug Lehmann and Stephanie Brush craft concise no frills songs, while performing them in similar fashion. Mystery Twins may only be in the first year of their career, but Lehmann and Brush have been playing together as one half of Nashville band The Clutters since 2001. This time, the pair have stripped not only the songs, but the instrumentation down to the core. Both share vocal duties, blending seamlessly into one voice, while the lack of a bass accents Brush's Wall of Sound drums. Their debut E.P. "Love Is Strange" finds the two venturing through six songs that, while leaning towards 60's pop and early Rock & Roll via the Everly Brothers, still holds an edge that recalls bands like The Velvet Underground or Modern Lovers. "Love Is Strange" was released on iTunes, Bandcamp, and Cassette on May 8th, 2012.