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"We are neighbours, no matter the distance." No matter how hard we try, we simply cannot escape the notion that we are all, somehow, one and the same. With different faces within different places, the fact that we are all a mess of flesh and blood, made up of the same dust remains true for us all. We are interconnected by the undeniable tassels of love, fear, joy and vulnerability. We are one cell in the sea. We are passionately human. We are neighbours, no matter the distance. "Neighbour" is made up of Kacie Williams, her music, & all contributing musicians. Music stems beyond just one particular person or one creative mind, and ultimately it's not all about the songwriter. It's about the gift of music itself, as well as those who are able to be moved and inspired by it - so this new season reflects Kacie's intention of letting her music fly far beyond the very boundaries of her own self. It's transcendent, modern, unexpected and longs to speak truth unto many hearts through medium of passion & song. Kacie currently resides in Texas, and has had the opportunity to write/perform alongside artists such as Don Chaffer (Waterdeep), Jeromy Deibler (FFH), Dave Barnes, Alli Rogers & Madi Diaz. She has also had the blessing of collaborating with the ever so talented Ellie Holcomb, Robbie Seay Band, Rachael Yamagata & Brian Scheuble. Kacie has a new EP out entitled "Catcher & the Rye" under the new band name (can be found on iTunes, Amazon) - which was lovingly produced by the ever so talented Robbie Seay + Matthew "Frodo" Kidd in Houston, TX, and marks a significantly large step in the direction Kacie desires to go in the next chapter of her songwriting/performing career. Visit for more info!