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The Good Ship Baffin Bay, released 09/2015.

What happens to Captain Carrington when he is stranded in deep space with his only companion, his ships computer "Serenity". These space-rock musings depict this backdrop of deep space with slowburning angst - for a way to get back, all the way back home.

This album begins on an upbeat mood with launch of the Baffin Bay Explorer, a guitar based instrumental found to be popular on a Brit radio playlist. The mood quickly darkens however as the ships unexpected captain finds himself stranded in in galactic depths. Here Captain Carrington realizes he has probably seen the last of his wife and daughter, but receives one last contact by radio text packet.A profund blues wrenches at soul. Vince Hizon lays in a Saxophone track as the good ship Baffin Bay hurtles at near light speed into the unknown void. The popular track "All You've Got" catches our captain dreaming about home but wondering what he did to find himself in this predicament. "When I Left" puts the regretful situation in perspective as Captain C must find a solution and a cause. The ship is really gigantic and may have surprises he was unprepared for. Paladin's Dilemma and Not on Course, further angles of resolution must be discovered. And then something extraordinary occurs. The Blue Clouds - (at the end of Paladin's Dilemma, there they are, they actually came for Carrington and even for Serenity who is far more human than we suspected. THe feel-good extended jam from All You've Got returns and Captain C's energy to bring the rig back to earth, somehow. Perhaps the Blue Clouds were a boon to the mission and perhaps mankind. The Baffin Bay returns to earth and is packing a surprise for humanity.

Nelson Jenstad created, wrote and produced The Good Ship Baffin Bay. Saxophone by Vince Hizon. In 2014 this project starting out & was working under the name of "The DisBlues" (video on YouTube) now published under artist name "Nelson Jenstad". Jenstad's current band (including these songs is "The Reason 27" Please download your copy and drop by and say Hi!