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"No Place Quite Like Home" by Nate Hancock and The Declaration

Musician, artist, and activist Nate Hancock has just released a new music video for the title track to his upcoming full length album, "No Place Quite Like Home" on Modern Roots Music & Publishing. The Single and Album were produced by Dave Jerden—Jane’s Addiction, Talking Heads, Rolling Stones, Social Distortion, Alice In Chains—along with Modern Roots founder Jimmy Sloan—Neil Young, Blind Boys of Alabama, Fishbone, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper—and LA’s first call Harmonica Player, official member of The Blues Brothers Band, and front man for The Imperial Crowns—Jimmie Wood.

"No Place Quite Like Home" will be featured on the upcoming season of “House Of Lies” on Showtime, Season 5, Episode 9, premiering worldwide on Sunday, June 5, 2016. Starring Don Cheadle, it’s the first “Scripted” American TV Series to be filmed in Cuba in over 50 years. The song is to be released as a single on iTunes in June as well.

"No Place Quite Like Home" is a soulful, singer/songwriter meets hip/hop ballad that was inspired by life on the road, the many blessings we take for granted, and those blessings that unite us all in Our Global Community such as food, water and shelter. This music video is dedicated to spreading awareness of the Homeless Community around the world, and to community outreach events and organizations such as UNiTE THE ViBE, founded by Nate Hancock.

UNiTE THE ViBE books, manages, and promotes Nate Hancock and his band, The Declaration, along with creating outreach programs and benefit concerts that work with other artists and musicians, local organizations, and charities to provide support, awareness, and resources for their communities.

"UNiTE THE ViBE: Festival Events" provide the infrastructure for the creative vision and drive behind this revolutionary artist who is committed to giving back and serving Our Global Community.

Look for Nate Hancock and The Declaration this year Nationwide and Globally... — “Worldwide Love is what we’re talkin about". - Nate Hancock

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