From Norm Hastings

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"My passion is to create music and an atmosphere where people can receive peace, rest, comfort, and encouragement. So many people are struggling and hurting. Some feel spiritually empty and are searching. Some have lost all hope and a sense of purpose. If you are dealing with this and need peace, restoration, and hope, it is my purpose to create music that will allow the Lord to bring that to you."--Norm Hastings Some testimonials: "I have followed Norm Hastings music for a few years now. He has deeply richly moved me spiritually and emotionally with his wonderful Godly spirit. I recommend him highly. You will not be disappointed in any way." --Debbie H. "I am so blessed that Norm Hastings has been a blessing not only unto me he has been a blessing unto whoever hears my worship service on YouTube because his music has been my prelude or closing anthem. He is touching lives with his gift of music; if I was in the area where he was and I had a church I would so sign him up as my minister of music because God is truly in the heart of this man." --Glenn H. "I found Norm's music on You Tube. It was the most beautiful serenity.. I closed my eyes and listened as I heard the beautiful hymns. Norm puts his heart and soul into his piano playing . My mother heard it and I ordered Norm's cd. She listens to it at least once a week. I walked in on her Birthday to hear Norm's music in the background. She likes to listen to another one I have of Norm's as well. I call him "Mr. Piano Man" because God gave him a gift of playing worship songs in his own style for His Glory." --Paula B. "I have difficulty finding the right words to describe Norm's talent; his gift from God. Each time I listen to the album, I can see Norm seated at his piano, fingers floating over the keys, allowing God to move within him to create inspiration, hope, and beauty. Those who have never met Norm...when I share his music they are in awe. I pray that God blesses you as you listen to this album." --Laura R. "Norm's music has enriched my life, especially because I know it comes from deep within his spirit and heart. Norm presents a wide range of beautiful melodies that soothe the spirit and heal the heart, that evoke a wide range of emotions, that help one to express what is hidden deep within. In short, Norm's music is a blessing from the Hand of God."--Loretta H. Bio Norm Hastings started playing the piano at the young age of 8 years, Iit wasn't long before it became evident that he had been given a special gift from the Lord in his playing this is still true today. At the age of 13 he was asked to play for a local church and picked up the music very quickly. From there he started writing and arranging songs of his own. In 1990 he took a class in electronic music and hence began his love for instrumental music and composing . In 1993 Norm attended Western Carolina University where he graduated with a Bachelor's in music with an emphasis on composition and performance. In 2001, Norm was invited to Mission Fuge where he discovered a love for sharing his music as a music leader. This led him the University of Mobile in 2003 where he studied to become a worship leader. In 2005, Norm began leading worship at Grace Anglican Church in Fairhope, AL and also started to lead worship at several churches that hosted "Celebrate Recovery"..a program that emphasizes recovery from various issues, including drugs and alcohol. His involvement in these recovery programs impacted his music writing towards helping others find rest in their soul in troubled times. Norm currently works at Grace Anglican Church, maintains a YouTube page where his music is available, and does live streaming events to minister to others.