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After years of live performance, songwriter Carmin Turco officially arrived on the New York music scene in 1999 with the release of his debut album, Angel, to some critical acclaim and earning him the Sennhesier Songwriter of the Year award. His second release, Tricycle, brought him increased notoriety and reached sufficient national sales and radio airplay to be eligible for a Grammy nomination (a great success for any independent artist). Carmin went on to write and record the single "Back On Track" with veteran producer Bob Casale (from the art-rock group, Devo) and performed nationally with tour support provided by MasterCard, Merrill Lynch and Amtrak - a tour which included a performance on Broadway at the historic Hudson Theater. Always an enthusiastic technologist, Carmin has also achieved some technology accolades including winning attendance at TechStars with a mobile application the press called, “Revolutionary.”