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Oblio is an alt rock trio from Long Beach, CA. Bandmates Alex Strahle, Blake Russell and Free Hallas draw their sound from a wide range of influences, including The Replacements, Pixies, Weezer, The Breeders, and Elliott Smith. Oblio has toured nationally, been featured on numerous notable indie-rock radio programs, and frequents many local LA venues. Blake and Free toured with the popular UK rock outfit The Big Pink, for which Free is the current drummer. Alex is also a founding member and lead guitarist for SoCal rock band SVB, and previously worked with Blake in the band Dead Ball Era. Oblio has it’s roots in the local Los Angeles music scene — the band frequently records and produces music for other local artists, and assists other bands with booking and hosting local DIY shows. The band hosts a one-day-only local music festival called “Oblio’s Pointless Fest”.

“Autophobia” is Oblio’s debut full-length album — written, performed, produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered entirely by the band. This concept album reveals the experiences of a nameless character with “autophobia” (the morbid fear of one’s self). “Autophobia” is set to release in September of 2016, and will be made available via all major digital music vendors including iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.