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Ol' Blind Jimmy is a three piece, mostly acoustic set from Goldsboro, NC with jammin' rhythms and lyrics focusing around trials, tribulations, the weaknesses of men, and spirituality. The band was formed by serendipity, when guitarists and writers Ortiz and Bauer were jammin' at the house during a party when a stranger at the time, JD, walked up to the two of them and said, "Hey, you guys are killin' it, mind if I try and sing over that?" "Uhh, sure." The two replied reluctantly. What came out of this stranger's voice was nothing short of amazing, his smooth bluesy tone laced in so well with the style Bauer and Ortiz were playing, that the three of them continued to jam at this party for hours, leaving everyone there's jaw on the floor. Shortly after the three got together to see if they could create something with one another. What ensued soon after was their first song, "Helluvit".

Realizing that bands like this don't just sort of form themselves everyday, the three have decided to continue working together. Now, they patiently wait to see if this story is a short one, or if this is just the first few chapters of many to come...