From Old Ironsides

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700 years ago...Alex "The Feroce" Boccia remained behind when Genghis Khan led the Mongol Horde back to China. After leading many into war and conquering 100's of villages and cities he knew it was time to move onto something bigger. He stowed away on a Japanese Junk ship, and traveled west to find the best of the best. The best of what, he did not know, but they would soon be found! Three phases of the moon later the ship collided with a monster of a glacier. As the ship sunk the trio set sail upon the Glacier where they would find the one and only Seth "The Skull Splitter" Peterson, a long lost Scandinavian Viking King. After a grueling brawl Seth had proved worthy of standing travel with Alex. Their journey on the glacier had come to an end as it melted down and left them high and dry amongst the chard remains of a war torn land dotted with severed body parts and contorted ruins of metal and concrete. It would seem that Glacier was in fact a chronoporter, and had ejected them into