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Hey friends, I'm giving away my first album, “Barn Burning” from 2016, completely for free. All you have to do is click the link below and follow the instructions. It basically just asks for your email address. (It’s also available on all major streaming platforms if you dig that better).

Why am I giving it away? Lots of reasons. Stick with me for a minute.

I made this record when I was alone in Germany for the first time. It was a way of keeping myself busy, processing my feelings about being far away from everything familiar. It's an album about sense of place, sense of self, and mental health, which were and continue to be things I think about and grapple with on the daily.

It was also a test for myself. I wanted to see if I could become a songwriter and if I could do this, having very little equipment and very little knowledge about how to record or even write songs.

So I set out to make this record between November 2015 and June 2016, thinking that I might never have another opportunity to try, and I knew I would regret not trying. It was a real dive into the existential depths, I guess.

I had a couple instruments and an iPad. That’s it. That’s how I made this album. As such, it’s a little rough around the edges, sonically. But I did the best I could for the circumstances. And I think they’re good songs. Above all, they mean something to me because of the context in which they came into being, and because they effectively made me a songwriter.

I didn’t make the songs. The songs made me, I guess.

I put it out online but didn’t know a damn thing about marketing, and not many people heard it. And I started to wonder if was because it’s not a traditionally “well-made” album. Maybe that’s part of it, but it’s mostly because I sucked at getting it to people. Now I just want to get it to people.

For the past couple years I’ve been very uneasy about the quality of this record and I’ve wondered “is this good enough to even be online? Should I take it down and pretend it didn’t happen? Do I suck? Is my voice god awful? Is this embarrassing?”

But I’ve been listening back through it and I love this record, not because they’re the best songs out there or because it’s the best produced thing ever, because that’s definitely not true. No, I love it because it’s my first piece of music and it has meaning for me, and I’d like you to have it for free before my new music arrives. I think it’s cool to see how much has changed between the first record and my new one, called “Weather Me”. Sound quality, songwriting quality, singing, playing, production value, everything—it’s all world’s better now than it was a couple years ago.

So if you want to accompany me on my journey, here’s essentially a free access pass before “Weather Me” storms in.

That’s it! That’s all I wanted to say. If you listen, I hope you enjoy it, and I hope it makes you excited about the new music. And hopefully it’s inspiring in some small way. Also, my recommendation—“Barn Burning” sounds better on speakers than headphones.