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OSUKARU is the brainchild of Swedish guitarist, keyboardist and songwriter Oz Osukaru who wanted a melodic rock band delivering not only good music but an entire "all inclusive" AOR experience with the music, image and artwork - all being well thought out.

The band have been consisting of various constellations but the current line-up is by far the most interesting. Having both male and female vocals on top of a big AOR soundscape where edgy hard rock guitars, atmospheric keyboards and a slick saxophone comes together makes the music of OSUKARU something special for every fan of melodic rock.

On their new mini-album "Transition" we get everything from solid AOR to classic hard rock mixed with a slightly progressive edge, along with some re-recorded favourites from their earlier releases. The album was mixed and mastered by Attila Bokor (Morph, BOA) and Kevin McNoldy (Dave Matthews Band, Backstreet Boys) who together brought out the biggest production yet on an OSUKARU release.

"Transition" comes out this fall on CD (City of Lights Records) and digital download (Simply Boundless Records) with both versions including a booklet (PDF file on the digital version) packed with artwork, photos, lyrics, credits and liner notes plus one exclusive bonus track on each format.