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Paul McDonald’s forthcoming debut full-length album Modern Hearts is a testimony of self-destruction and salvation. An album bursting with anthemic hooks, majestically texted alt-rock, tinges of Southern soul, literate introspection, and profound redemption. The troubadour has partnered with Noisetrade to share the first 5 tracks from the lucid album as well as the official video from the album’s current single “Hold On”.

It could be said that Modern Hearts is a breakup record documenting spiritual and artistic uplift. The 14-track body of work represents a full-spectrum of emotions, from soulful and sorrowful tracks, to invigorating new-life anthems, to meditative mid-tempo numbers. Produced by Jordan Lehning (Rodney Crowell, Andrew Combs),and an all star cast of musicians like Ian Fitchuk (James Bay, Kacey Musgraves), Todd Lombardo (Nial Horan, Lera Lynn) and Lincoln Parish (Cage the Elephant) to help shape his narrative. Each song, forged of equal parts of the singer/songwriter’s confessionalism rock and roll irreverence, is brought to life by lifting arrangements and refined vocal delivery. “Making this album saved my life. Darkness is a beautiful gift. It introduced me to new layers of myself and gave me a brand new perspective, but I'm happy to be out of it. The light feels pretty good these days.”