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Pioneer is a Christian rap artist based out of Chicago, ILL. As a young man he fell in love with rap music listening to the likes of DMX, Scarface and Jayz. Around the age of 19 he began writing raps of his own and performing at open mic events around his college campus. At the age of 21 he was impacted by the Gospel message and committed his life to Jesus Christ. But the desire to make music did not go away with his conversion and soon he began using the same skills as a rapper to promote his newfound faith. Several years later at seminary school Pioneer would join the local rap group "Peculiar People" and further hone his abilities as a artist and performer. The album "I Just Wanna Bless U" is Pioneer's first musical offering and the title is indicative of what Pioneer hopes to bring the the CHH scene. "I really want to bless the people with quality, Christ centered music" says Pioneer."I really hope that the music can spark a desire for change and a desire to want more of God". With singles like "Lay it Down" and "Head Nod" Pioneer shows off his passionate delivery and impressive wordplay. The song "Feel Your Love" finds Pioneer sharing his testimony while "Don't Play the Fence" is a urgent warning to America to repent and turn back to God. The album has something for everyone and is sure to bless both believers and non-believers alike.