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Wisconsin’s premiere psychedelic hardcore outfit Poney (m/o Romero via Grindcore Karaoke, The Dead Hookers via Dead Beat) is proud to announce the release of their first vinyl offering. Poney has been pounding the heavy underground since 2005 with their kinetic soup of stoner, punk, hardcore, and psychedelia; and in the two years since their expansive full length, "Seamyth," they haven't stopped working.

While the sound of the band has changed, taking on spacey melodies along the lines of Cave-In and Failure paired with the band's familiar blown out battle shouts, the push remains the same: driving heaviness, with enough creativity to keep the most jaded music fan involved. The songs are built to provoke a head bobbing basement crowd into a fist pumping hurricane. "Octavious / Melt Trip" is a taste of the differences the band is bringing to the table on their upcoming LP 12", "Rorschach".