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"This album was inspired by the engagement of P.V. Herrera's friend, an event brought to his attention by his mother. Around this time, several friends of his were in the process of getting married, as well as some of his classmates. He wasn't invited to these weddings -- don't worry about it -- but was inspired by the evolution of the relationships that the couples when through: first a promise ring, then a engagement ring, and finally a wedding ring. The way these songs tie together is as inspiring to hear as it is for Patrick to perform them as instrumental guitar music.

Cigarettes & Weddings was recorded at Sonic Police Records by Loom Fittuce, who also mixed and mastered the album. The first sessions encountered clipping(s) and distortion which "The Promise RIng" shows examples of. Nevertheless, P.V. Herrera had an idea that "The Promise Ring" could be a memory, a joyful memory of someone. When people remember things, the memories often become distorted as their mind retrieves the details of the experience(s). For this reason, he left the raw-sounding recordings as they were. "Selena Gomez" and "Giving Her Away" were left this way even though they were recorded after the first sessions.

The second session was the album's strongest, and in this timeframe two new songs were recorded, "The Vow" and "Secret Ceremony".

written by Graham Marlowe, freelance writer and editor.

[P.V. Herrera recommends listening to this album through headphones versus computer speakers for the reason(s) described above.]

For Fans of: Mogwai, MONO, Explosions in the Sky, Six Parts Seven, Lights and Motion.

Enjoy. --credits-- released 09 September 2012 P.V. Herrera - Guitar(s) Loom Fittuce - The guy behind the mixing board, he's a wiz at that. Alexandra Wallace- the girl that actually takes wedding pictures and is a good friend of P.V. Herrera. Without her, the DIY scene wouldn't know who the hell P.V. is and meet great people. credits released 09 September 2012 P.V. Herrera- Guitar and noises

Loom Fittuce- Producer, MIxing, Sound Mics, and Mastering-

Alexandra Wallace- cover art-

For my Mom (for telling me things I shouldn't hear inspiring me and for loving me) For Hailey (The girl who inspired the album) For RIco (my baby boy dog who passed away, I know I sound like a girl when I say baby boy but he was my favortie dog and we went thru a lot together. He is at peace now)