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Graham Marlowe -- spoken word on all tracks, lyrics on four tracks; keyboards on "Ballard" (Soundcloud track) P.V. Herrera -- lyrics on "Mallory Carter" and instrumental work, including drums and effects pedals on all tracks (minus keyboards) Zach Hanson & Joe Nedbal -- co-production & recording assistance on "I Hear It In Technicolor", "An Absence of Purity", "Mallory Carter", and "This Light" (West Allis, WI) Alison Korth -- original artwork Todd Rongstad -- music videos for "An Empathy", "In A Week", "I Hear It In Technicolor" and "Thinking Back Now" DIRECT LINKS TO MUSIC VIDEOS ---------------------------------------- ("An Empathy") ("I Hear It In Technicolor") ("an absence of purity") ("Thinking Back Now") [bonus track] *instrumental versions of "An Absence of Purity" and "I Hear It In Technicolor" available upon request