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this is track 7 from Raina Rose's intimate new indie folk album CALDERA. A Caldera is a crater, the void space left at the top of a mountain after a volcano has erupted. It is also the name of the fifth full-length acoustic indierock release of mystic poet, Raina Rose. “Over the past 4 years my life has changed immensely. I went from being a freewheeling spirit traversing North America on my own to a happily married mother with a curly-headed son to raise. I looked around and saw my horizon forever changed. The image of the crater left after a volcano erupts cycled through my thoughts while this album congealed. What a challenging yet fecund environment for new life to inhabit and adapt to. Caldera is the result of the past four years of my life, fertilized by the challenges and inspirations that came to me along the way. I hope you enjoy it.” - Raina Rose Caldera will be released on June 11th 2013. Raina will be touring nationally and internationally in support of Caldera, with her husband Andrew and their almost-two-year-old son Emmett. All Performance Dates listed at For Booking Contact Christopher Modl For all other inquiries, including Radio and Interview Requests, contact