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Rancid Abomination is a Evil Fucking Black Metal band From Massachusetts. Formed by Zakk asshole of Unleashing Vengeance in 2001.

Rancid Abomination began it's life as a solo artist by me (Blackplague) to create black metal, back in 2001, using nothing but a 4 track recorder. From 2001-2002 that was the case. In 2003 I switched over to using a PC to mix it and never looked back. By 2004 Rancid Abomination became Death Metal. It broke up in 2006.

Rancid Abomination Re-united briefly as a band in 2016, and released 2 new albums which are much louder and better produced than the old stuff. In that iteration of the band, Kirk Stabbati played Guitars, I did keyboards, bass, vocals, lead guitars and more. We had Peter Fraleef, old drummer from my older band Unleashing Vengeance fill in on drums.