From Riley and the Roxies

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A solo project of recording artist Spencer Riley, Riley and the Roxies creatively redefines the Southern Californian music culture with inspirations ranging from 1960's garage rock, Motown, all the way to Elvis Costello, Prince, and Bruce Springsteen. Along with the music that he produces, Spencer Riley has produced and directed seventeen music videos over the past year and a half, developing a community of filmmakers and actors, who are dedicated to the production of Riley and the Roxies' music videos.

Riley and the Roxies' Noise Trade Sampler includes 10 songs from two different records: the Lovers in Spain EP, and the OceanGold EP. Both EPs were written between Riley's first two years in college. Riley and the Roxies' music has been featured in ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars, and MTV's Underemployed.