From Robert Baker

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"I feel like so many good songwriters toss away great song ideas for the fear of 'selling out," says Robert, "I try to put as much raw honesty as possible into my songs when writing them. If the result is elcletic and unique, great! If not, I'm still going to sing my heart out when I perform it." Growing up in a small town south of Dallas Tx, Robert started songwriting at age 17. "I was super into Blink 182 and MXPX, and my first few songs sounded like a train wreck and were all about my parents." Haunting and soulful, Roberts single "Us" expresses an inner call to get out of the big city and go "somewhere that we can see the stars," while the catchy tune "Not Ok" speaks to the "Sunday best" that we all put on to hide the pain we carry within. Robert is currently recording and producing his debut album.