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Hello from Denver! My name is Rob Fleming. First and foremost, I am ridiculously passionate about creating music. I write and record music that inspires me, music I would want to listen to for my own enjoyment. There is nothing like the feeling I get after a song is done, sitting in the car in the middle of the night ... testing a mix with the stereo cranked and feeling true satisfaction that I created something really cool. That's why I have decided to start releasing my music to the public. I can only hope others will enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoy making it.

For the past couple of years, I have been writing sporadically for TV/Film thinking that was the only path for me and my music. I’ve discovered it is not. What I am is simply a musician who wants to record and produce great music and share it with others. Melodies, chord progressions and grooves are constantly evolving in my head. I am truly lucky when I'm able to capture a fraction of those sparks, those random ideas, in the studio. Much of what becomes a full song starts with a simple accident ... a melody line or chord progression I discover on the guitar or piano. Once these ideas start to develop, it's very hard for me not to visualize them as well. Whether they conjure an imaginary scene, a place or random image ... there is always a visual accomplice to my music. That's when the mood and temperature of the song starts to evolve, the groove and tempo set, and from there ... layers upon layers of texture.

2014 is setting up to be a busy year. I'm writing a ton of new material that will be released in the form of singles, an EP or maybe even a full length LP.

My first single is called “Beacons.” It was composed for a beautiful time-lapse photography project called Dreamscapes shot by my friend Jonathan Besler. Jonathan released Dreamscapes in December of 2013 and the response to the music was overwhelming. I started getting requests from people all over the world asking how they could get a copy of “Beacons.” It's really cool to have music I created be so appreciated by others. This is precisely why I want to write music – to share.

I hope you enjoy Beacons and will stick around for future releases. Please stay in touch and feel free to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter or email (