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"On the vinyl," Ron Gallo says, describing his 2017 album Heavy Meta, "Side A is the bright side, and Side B is the dark side."

Gallo didn't necessarily set out to release a vinyl record; after all, Gallo says vinyl isn't a format he grew up with. "I've delved into vinyl over the last few years of my life," he says. "This [format] was actually convenient with Heavy Meta — sonically and stylistically there was A and B, so that's where we kind of put the split, so this kind of worked out perfectly in regards to doing it that way." Now Gallo and his band — bassist Joe Bisirri and drummer Dylan Sevey — are on tour in support of the new album. Before their show at the Fine Line in Minneapolis, Gallo and company stopped at The Current studio for a live in-studio session hosted by Mac Wilson. If one were to pick up the needle while spinning Heavy Meta and drop it on a different track, it becomes evident Ron Gallo's sound eludes categorization. "I think that reinventing and bouncing around stylistically is a way to stay true to yourself and kind of be honest, because you can't really sign up to be a genre or a style when you start making music," Gallo says. "I mean, your tastes change; sonically, different things are going to reflect the message of the song." Gallo is unafraid to explore the space sonically, and he and his band clearly do that in this in-studio session with some big jams and rocking tunes.