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A lot happened to Roo Panes in an incredibly short space of time. Two full length albums, three cherished EPs, 160 million Spotify streams and countless, countless live shows across Europe and beyond.

New album ‘Quiet Man’ is the product of this inspired period in Roo’s life and work, a collection of superb, meditative tracks that push his music in fresh and inventive directions. The folk-hewn charms which drove his opening two albums are in place, but the songwriter’s rural idyll is also soundtracked by heart-searching elements of modern classical, and his burgeoning love for the piano.

“There’s something to be said for simplicity,” he says. “I like writing subtle things, if I can. But sometimes there’s something really nice about simple things that people can just sit in and go with.”

While the writing sessions that forged ‘Quiet Man’ were essentially restful, the studio period was tightly focussed by this meticulous, patiently driven artist. Working at Deep Litter Studios, Roo chose producer and multi-instrumentalist Chris Bond to oversee the recording.

“I think he brought a real empathy to the kind of music that I want to make,” Roo recalls. “Chris saw things, and felt like he could encourage and enhance those. So for instance, there’s a lot of Hammond organ on the album and a few synths and organs – things that I hadn’t played with before. It gave me a greater palette to work with.”

Musically broad but aesthetically focussed, remarkably insular but wonderfully open, ‘Quiet Man’ could be Roo Panes’ finest achievement to date, the moment where this inquisitive soul locates some form of peace. “I think the album is about stillness, and the things that give you confidence. It’s about the beautiful thoughts, the beautiful things that give you life. And so from that comes strength.”