From Roslyn Peralta

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Roslyn was born in Caguas, Puerto Rico, in August of 1981. Her parents are both dedicated pastors of Tabernacle of Christian Faith, Inc., in Hollywood, FL. Roslyn began singing as a young child around the house but fully realized her vocal capabilities at the age of ten when she sang her first solo, “El Shaddai” in the Easter program at her church. While singing Gospel, R&B and Hip Hop are her ideal choices when performing, contemporary, rock and oldies music also add to her list of favorites. She endured a tough point in her early childhood and has had to deal with the everyday struggles of life. This led her through many rough and difficult times during her early adulthood, but Roslyn credits God and his mercy for saving her life. She has encountered the awesome touch of Jesus Christ, as God has blessed her with musical talent in writing, arranging, and singing.