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Over the years people have asked me about assembling a "best of" collection. Here's 17 tracks I hand picked in chronological order including one from my forthcoming solo record Skeleton Closet, which will release in March 2015.

1. A Way to Your Heart [A Way to Your Heart]

2. 1978 [Polaroid]

3. Montreal [Beautiful Noise]

4. The World is Full of People Who Want to Hurt You [Beautiful Noise]

5. All Waste The Days [Beautiful Noise]

6. Hang On [Snowing In My Heart]

7. So Down [Snowing In My Heart]

8. Don't Be Afraid - Up Version [Ciphers from Snowing In My Heart]

9. Be Here Now [Constellation]

10. Don't Mind Me - Single Version [Constellation]

11. Pictures Collected [Constellation]

12. Stranger In My Own Skin [Constellation]

13. Unstoppable [Hit Parade]

14. Travolta [Hit Parade]

15. Goddam Life [Hit Parade]

16. Friends for Life [Friends For Life]

17. My Job is Leaving [Friends For Life]

18. Dead Man's Stare [Skeleton Closet]