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I quit my job working in surgery. Now, I tour full time and get paid to play my guitar…life is good!” says Jason Green, guitarist of Everyday Jones, an acoustic duo from Seattle, WA. Green adds, “I couldn’t help the calling of music, so I decided to stop doing total knee replacements, buy an RV and tour the US. You should’ve seen my dad’s face!” And since that purchase of the RV in 2006, the duo has been nonstop on the road, touring over 36 states, racking up over 100,000 miles with constantly packed venues and the duo shows no signs of slowing down. All this without a label or management. “Music is the only thing I could think of doing. Whether I’m in front of a large crowd or in an intimate setting, nothing could be better.” says Alissa Jandt, lead singer and djembe extraordinaire.