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Drenched in Celtic folklore and the mysteries of sea... With an award winning song, strong vocals, and passionate instrumentation.. this highly anticipated new release from SeaStar is a musical must for the fans of Celtic Folk!Get lost in the North Winds!

After the successful release of their first studio album, Home, the band wanted to raise the bar musically. Fae Wiedenhoeft, the band's creator and primary songwriter, honed her skills to weave stories into stronger songs. Two months before the release of North Winds, Fae was awarded first place in the Bob Kotta Songwriting Contest for her song Sailor. At the same time, her song Running was featured on the No Depression website. North Winds continues to get attention from the media! It has been said that Fae Wiedenhoeft and her voice are ".. one of the best kept secrets in the Celtic world."(Fan, Port Gamble Maritime Music Fest)