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The IMA winning “Queuelbum” is the debut studio effort by Moldovan-born music artist Serge Bulat.

Released in May 2016, the album was produced by Bulat and fused various music styles and techniques, demonstrating artist’s willingness to experiment with the sound. Billed as “an experience record”, it is a concept music album explored in visual mediums and series of philosophical themes- essays, nevertheless being completely instrumental.

Divided into chapters Q15 and Q25, Queuelbum is an audio journey through time and space, based on Bulat’s very own contrasting biography. Aimed to create an experiential sonic escapade, the project follows the extravagant adventure of Q, musically shifting from playful and naive to mature and dark tones towards the end. While music gives the listener enough room to experience a journey of his own, the visuals and text instruct on how to navigate the project.

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