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It's, "Dance music that you actually want to listen to" -STRFKR :) But seriously... Session View can best be described as an Electronica/Electro-pop/Electro-house/Chillwave/or more simply, "Intelectro" project. Composed by Tyson Hull and performed live with drummer/percussionist, Chris D'abreau. A long and diverse background in music has created a whole new electronic sound, integrating elements of a variety of genres. Coining the term "Intelectro," (their debut album title) you can hear the contrasting musical ideas in the varying song composition in each track. Session View features both purely instrumental compositions, as well as tracks with heavily effected, processed vocals. Combining all to catchy "hooks" with fat dance beats, while other tracks focusing on complex percussion and syncopated rhythms, there's never a dull moment. These tracks are guaranteed to get you "hooked."