From Short & Curly

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Steve 'Short' Packer and Karen 'Curly' Hunt live in the beautiful, historic rural town of Bridgetown, in southern Western Australia (WA).

Our distinctive sound is comprised of Curly's semi-acoustic guitar (Maton, Taylor), Short's harmonicas and our two voices, individually and in harmony.

We describe ourselves as country/blues/folk, and we blend and bend those styles to have one of our own. With the songs we write and choose to cover, we also draw on pop, rock, reggae, doo-wop...

Since 2009, when we played our first gig and wrote our first song, we've been booked for more than 550 appearances all over WA – at pubs, breweries, wineries, cafe/bars, festivals, agricultural shows, trotting club meetings, weddings, parties and a dolphin centre.

At full gigs, we usually play about one-third original songs and two-thirds covers. It all comes out 'Short & Curly'.

Our primary aim is to 'serve the song' to best of our ability, and we always consider it a privilege to play for anyone who wants to listen.

Music forever.